What is the Definition of a Promotional Item?

Promotional items are any item that you imprint your company brand or information on for use in promoting your business.  If you can think it up, it can be an inexpensive promotional item!

I consider three different areas when thinking about inexpensive promotional gifts.

1.  Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts are items that are specially imprinted to be given to a particular valuable client.  Many times these inexpensive promotional items are watches, desktop accessories, or pens.  Think of things the person can use on a daily basis.

2.  Advertising gifts

Advertising gifts are generally thought of as “low key” items that sit around and office.  Think things like coasters, mugs, calendars, etc..These inexpensive promotional items have basic branding like your company name, logo, web address, and phone number.

3.  Promotional products

Promotional products are items that can be given away in mass quantity like at trade shows and company sponsored events.  These items are things like pads of paper, pens, drink holders, stress balls, and more.  One of the most popular items is to Buy Custom T-shirts.  You can literally market anything you want on a t-shirt and spend less than $4.00!

The interesting commonality in all of these inexpensive promotional items is that cost is key.  You can come up with some very innovative giveaways without breaking the bank!  When thinking about the potentials for these items, think “out of the box’ and your customers or potential customers will think of you for a VERY long time.

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Welcome to Inexpensive Promotional Items

Greetings and welcome to the inexpensive promotional items blog. This blog is dedicated to helping businesses find innovative, new, and inexpensive methods of promoting their business through promotional items. Inexpensive promotional items are items like cheap personalized pens, cheap promotional gifts, logo water bottles, and much more. Feel free to comment on inexpensive promotional items that have worked for your business. We look forward to you sharing your success stories!